Puik Art

Puik Art is a collective made up of talented, young Dutch Designers. The collective helps these designers launch their work and develop products under the label, as well as designing for other companies. We talked with Lara van der Lugt, the designer behind the stunning glassware set, to discover what inspires her and what advice she can give to designers at the start of their career.

Can you briefly talk me through your designing and making process?

Inspiration can be found everywhere. For me, it derives from looking back at older products and understanding why they were designed in that way. New-found materials can be of an inspiration as well; why should they be used in the obvious manner? Can’t they also be used for a different purpose?

Lara is currently busy creating a product which focuses on repurposing a common material from its normal use, so watch this space!

 Puik Art is a collective. What, for you, is most rewarding about collaborative work?

By working together you can achieve so much more than on your own. If you put creative, production and marketing specialists together, something beautiful is waiting to happen.

What is your design philosophy?

Simplicity is an important factor for me. I want to create products that will look good no matter how old the design is.

You work with young designers. What would be your advice for a young designer at the start of their career?

As a starting designer myself: Make sure you already have a (small) network before you graduate. It will help you find your dream job or possible clients for your own studio!

Do you think that the internet has been a good thing for designers? Why?

The internet makes for good exposure. You’re also able to find new inspiration for shapes or materials so much faster. I’m still busy trying to create my perfect Pinterest (mood)board. It’s difficult; so many images and influences! You’re able to find up and coming designers as well and, if possible, you can even share stories or start working together from the other side of the world.

Why does design matter to you?

To me, it is about the stories behind a design. I always like to read about a product and talk to other designers about it. The story behind can involve a (very) special production technique, (unknown) materials or if the product work towards a better environment.

Lara van der Lugt’s Rare carafe and Radiant glasses are available together for a limited time through our gift promotion.

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