Following feedback that bar stools are often a struggle to source we selected a few of those available on eporta for you below.

Bar Stools
Click the links below to go direct to each product on eporta.

1. Carisma Bar Stool – The Carisma Bar Stool can quickly add an industrial touch to a room with its range of metal finishes.

2. Draper Kitchen and Bar Stool – Available in American walnut or oak, the Draper Bar Stool adds a feeling of elegance to the traditional swivel stool.

 3. Violinist Stool – The Violinist Stool comes as seen with a structure made from massive beech wood, or can be lacquered, as well as adding an upholstered seat.

 4. Puerto Bar Stool – The vinyl cord seat of the Puerto Bar Stool adds detailing in the weave and also brightens up a room with the range of colours available.

5. JL4 Faber Bar Stool – The JL4 Faber Bar Stool reflects a modern twist on the traditional half-timbered architecture of Northern Europe.

6. Pitch Bar Stool – With featured stitching and a range of leathers, it is hard to believe that the Pitch Bar Stool retails for less than £200!

7. Abacus Stool – Inspired by the iconic Chinese calculating device, the Abacus Stool is designed with great attention to detail, such as the slight curve in the seat for comfort.

8. Croix Bar Stool – Featuring contrasting piping and detailing on the back, the Croix Bar Stool is designed to be admired.

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