Below is a small selection of our brands who manufacture within the UK. Ranging from sofas through to vases, they each showcase the extraordinary skills held by designers and craftsmen based in the United Kingdom.

Made in UK
Click the links below to go direct to the brands and see what more they have to offer.

1. Flying Scotsman by Aditi Studios– A classic ceramic downlighter with a creative twist through material experimentation.

2. Hatton Tub Chair by A Rum Fellow – Brocade woven by Maya textile artists is combined with a traditional Ikat to be upholstered by master craftsmen in England.

3. Pleated Vase by Helena Ambrosio – Designed through making, these vases explores the manipulation and folding of paper within ceramics.

4. Lexi Cushion by Iona Crawford – Inspired by nature’s beauty, these duck feather cushions exude the designer’s Scottish heritage.

5. Massetto Love Seat by Coco Wolf – This family run brand have embarked on a journey to create luxury furniture for the outdoors.

6. Bolt Up Stool by TedWood – Aside from creating contemporary forms, these stools are made using sustainably grown British wood.

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