Whether you are looking for a traditional bulb or the entire ceiling lamp, LEDs can be seen throughout all of the products below and show the many different ways that the brands on eporta are using the technology.

Click the links below to go direct to the product on eporta and get sourcing.

1. Halo 3A – Featuring polished steel and brilliant crystal, the traditional chandelier has had a modern transformation through the Halo 3A.

2. Xtra Large Globe – Combining the old filament design with modern LED technology has created a highly efficient vintage look bulb.

3. BOOM 1 – Kept in its natural shape, the teak wood of the Boom 1 lamp creates a majestic yet serene feel, emphasised by the dimple feature of the LED.

4. Huddle – The 3D printed Cityscape clips straight on to the LED bulb to give a light that stands out from the crowd.

5. C1 Copper Pendant Light – Cast concrete is combined with copper sheeting and an LED string to create this minimal long ceiling light.

6. Camile Pendant – Simplicity is the key to this stunning antique gold pendant light, allowing it to be situated in multiple environments.

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