Many of you have told us that bedside tables can be tricky to source. So below is a selection of some that are available on eporta.

Click on the links below to go directly to the product on eporta.

1. Space Bedside Table – Available with one or two drawers, the Space Bedside Table combines both walnut and oak veneer for a two toned piece.

2. Wabi Bedside Table – For a special touch in the bedroom, the Wabi Bedside Table has a brass base to compliment its black oak body.

3. One Thousand And One Nights – Inspired by Scheherazade’s marvelous world of exciting and magical tales, the One Thousand And One Nights bedside table is full of surprises.

4. Bedside Table – This design is as honest as its name and available in ash, oak or walnut for the desired finish.

5. Float Night Table – Minimalist in design, but not in storage, the Float Night Table can work well in even the smallest of apartments.

6. Barbary 1 Drawer Side Table – Neat and pleasingly symmetrical, the Barbary Side Table aims to be characterised by its fine craftsmanship and exceptional pricing.

7. Bedside Table With Plate – Suitable for by the bed side, or next to a sofa, the modular design allows the user to adjust the layers of the table to suit their needs.

8. Enkel Bedside Table Box – With a clean and distinctive design, the Enkel range is designed to be minimal, functional and affordable in price.

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