Below is a very small selection of the brands we have on eporta who are flying the flag for Made In Italy.

Click the links below to take you directly to the brands on eporta.

1. Verve High Wooden Sideboard by Ciacci – High quality, sophisticated and precious materials are the idea behind the Gold Collection from Ciacci. The Verve High Wooden Sideboard combines solid black oak wood with brass details.

2. Tivoli Chair by L’Abbate – Allowing for different design approaches and work from established and up-and-coming designers results in the varied and passionate collection L’Abbate has to offer, which aims to represent the best in Italian production.

3. Olla by Ilide – Observing the richness of Italian resources through craftsmen as well as the landscape are shown perfectly through the Olla lamp which is made by mixing earth with an exclusive technique.

4. ED03 Wall Mirror by Edizioni Design – Labelling their work as “Naked Design”, Edizioni look to combine multidisciplinary skills and use only lo-fi technology to create products strongly influence by the function and material processing.

5. Server Astor + Coffee Table Astor by Modà – Modà pride themselves on their 100% Italian production, using rich and high quality materials, as well highly skilled craftsmen, to create “contemporary luxury as a way of life”.

6. Fuse Table by Ex.t – The varying brand style is due to working with designers from all over the world to bring their ideas to life through Italian craftsmanship. The result is aimed to be “international design with an artisanal heart”.

7. Tull Pendant by Incipit Lab – Conceived as a creative lab to encourage and support promising young designers, Incipit works strictly with Italian artisans who use natural materials in an environmentally friendly way.

8. Gemma Armchair by Slow Wood – Aiming to fully embody the values of “Made in Italy” Slow Wood create meaningful furniture encompassing the life and story of wood.

9. Horizontal III by Kiasmo – Each handmade piece from Kiasmo is signed by the author, resulting in a personal and additional value to the design.

10. Caesar Armchair by Valdichienti – Valdichienti aim to protect the wealth of the Italian manufacturing tradition, and in the process create contemporary designs with an inbuilt heritage.

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