On eporta we have a huge selection of chandeliers, ranging from classic designs to a more eclectic style. Below are some of more unique chandeliers that are available.

Click on the links below to go directly to these statement pieces on eporta.

1. Dafene Superlux – Create a statement with this gold leaf and Swarovski crystal piece.

2. Basque Chandelier – Providing a stunning alternative to crystals, the Basque Chandelier is made from a mixture of natural and grey cerused oak.

3. Rocca – The Rocca Chandelier uses rock crystals to create a great visual impact.

4. Hollywood Chandelier – Inspired by the slenderness and pure beauty of the branches and trees scattered across the land on a trip to Africa, the Hollywood Chandelier aims to be as equally diverse as nature itself.

5. The Horizontal Native Chandelier – This preserved and fortified piece of tumbleweed is elegantly sculpted by hand, considering every detail down to the cord wrapping technique. Each piece is totally unique.

6. Belmont Circle – Containing a mini candelabra within the globe, the design of the Belmont Circle combines modern and traditional aesthetics.

7. Fibula Lux Five Pendent – The Fibula Lux takes on the traditional chandelier in a contemporary way by combining glass domes with safety pin structures that result in a spectacular drop lace effect.

8. Globo Strass – In keeping with a traditional chandelier outline, the Globo Strass adds a contemporary touch with its curved arms and globe bulb covers.

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