Creating a sustainable design can range from reusing materials to thinking about the impact the product has on the environment. Below is a small selection of our brands who make sustainability a key part of their designing process.

Click the links below to find out what else these brands have to offer.

1. Pion Cardboard Side Table – The honeycomb recycled cardboard structure of this side table gives it enough strength to be used as a stool too.

2. Sediment Table 1 – The Sediment Table is the result of a brand’s focus on off grid living combined with a exploration of natural weathering processes.

3. Hardy Round – Focussing on natural materials, the felt in these rugs is 100% New Zealand wool.

4. Mini Mercado Collection Set – Pallets are repurposed into furniture with sets specifically for children, and larger pieces for the home too.

5. Moon Pendant Lamp –  As part of the Scraplights series, these lamps are made from precision cut recycled cardboard.

6. Plumen 001 Original – Known as the world’s first designer low energy light bulb, the Plumen bulb creates a stunning form to match the function.

7. Radica Redwood Coffee Table – Unique designs made from wood reclaimed from decaying bridges, old barns and demolished structures, harvested from fallen, well preserved trees or gained from sustainable plantations and well managed forests.

8. Kuosa – Giving the illusion of concrete, this lamp is actually handmade from sustainable cellulose.

9. Floral Pendant – Made from bamboo and able to be flat packed, the designer also considers shipping as part of the sustainability of the design.

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