On eporta we have brands producing lamps in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Here are a few of the tripod-style floor lamps available.

Floor Lamps - Tripod
Click the links below to go direct to the products on eporta.

1. Felt Floor – This lamp uses the fabric-forming technique, a process rarely used in lighting design, to create the textural felt shade, which is then juxtaposed on a slender tripod stand.

2. Half Mile Ray Searchlight – This reproduction of the 1930s Half Mile Ray lamp with a mahogany tripod base creates a contemporary feel with historical connotations.

3. Marylin F Floor Lamp – Designed as a tribute to Marylin Monroe, with the white dress blowing in the breeze to reveal stunning legs!

4. Brera II Floor Lamp – Inspired by the bohemian culture of Brera, the floor lamp brings through an eclectic and contemporary style.

5. Colevale – The legs of Colevale are made from architectural bronze tubing, linked together in a way to personify the design.

6. Spot Light Floor Lamp – Removing all other detailing, from the head to the minimal tripod base, allows the wire outline of the lamp to stand out.

7. Baba – Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the Baba lamp combines an elliptical shade with a beech wood base.

8. Jean – With its geometric form and adjustable head, Jean is designed to attract attention.

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