Each brand we have on eporta has a personal style and uses materials or techniques in their own way. Below is a small selection of the way wood is being used by some of our brands.

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1. Tab Oak – This design uses the flexibility and translucent properties of wood veneers to create a simple wrap-around lampshade.

2. Fener Floor Lamp – The body of this lamp is beautifully crafted from solid Ash wood, including the top curved joint, to create a seamless line.

3. Lina Desk – Not only are the legs charmingly turned but they also simply twist into their joints, allowing the furniture to be delivered flat packed for ease of movement.

4. Cliq Premium Natural x3 – The magnets within the birch wood body mean that the Cliq hangers will always be equidistant from each other, creating neat layouts every time.

5. Cubist Credenza 77 – The handcut veneer detailing on the doors is just the start of the exquisite craftsmanship that has gone into this credenza.

6. Maisie Stool – The six angled petals of the Maisie stool are designed to give the comfort that a flat seat stool just can not offer.

7. Infinity +1 Coffee Table – Be intrigued by the deceptive strength of the ribbon like structure base of this coffee table, expertly constructed by highly skilled craftsmen.

8. Riza Air Lounge Chair – Inspired by aluminium framed chairs, but created in wood, the Riza Air Lounge Chair combines a thin solid wood frame with a contoured grid seat and back.

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