From wall-mounted shelves to stand-alone pieces, bookcases can neatly complement the other furniture in the room, or be the main focal point. Below are a few available on eporta.

Click the links below for further product details.

1. Alairo Flare – Highly detailed with rivets, this bookcase exudes industrial charm.

2. Tilta Bookcase – Showcasing the beauty of natural wood, the Tilta bookcase is also available in two heights.

3. Konnex Stand Shelf – Designed for people who love change, the Konnex Stand Shelf uses a slot system to connect meaning that the arrangement possibilities are endless.

4. Network Shelves – This is just one of the six sets of Network Shelves available, all of which play on the deceptive strength of the material and shape.

5. Max Shelf – With two versions and six colours available, the Max Shelf can be fully customised to achieve the desired and unique finish.

6. Bookcase Priscilla – This metal and walnut design is suitable as a stand-alone, double sided bookcase, or up against the wall.

7. Rocco – Add a statement to the room with this vibrant display shelf, made entirely from sheet metal.

8. Verona – With an oak or walnut veneered back, Verona adds a modern twist to the traditional bookcase.

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