The brands we have on eporta produce lamps in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Here are a few of the cage-style table lamps available.

cage lamps
Click the links below to see further product details.

1. Praia Cage Industrial Table Lamp – With its simple wire cage, the Praia lamp exposes the bulb for an industrial look.

2. Nola Table Lamp – The metal cage of the Nola Table Lamp encloses and protects the blown glass shade inside.

3. Raio Table Lamp – The seamless fusion between the fabric shade and the metal cage creates an air of sophistication around the Raio Table Lamp.

4. Gem Table Lamp – The Gem Table Lamp aims to represent the rough start of the gem to the exquisite result.

5. Lady Cage Table Lamp – Inspired by the old workshop lamps, the cage is redesigned, this time with a feminine touch.

  6. Tull Table Lamp – Honest and refined, the Tull Table Lamp creates a clean design without the need for extra details.

7. New Spider Table Lamp – This simple uplighter creates a warm glow to complement its neutral colours.

8. Grapes Table Lamp – The light reflecting off the hammered-brass medallions aims to create the same luxurious feeling as opening a classic wine.

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