After a very exciting and busy September, taken up by pre, during and post LDF activities, October had a lot to live up to. Fortunately it didn’t disappoint! Below are some of our highlights for the month.

High Point Market 2015:

What a show High Point was this year! We met some fantastic new suppliers, as well as getting the chance to catch up with a few of our own.
The earthy colours and light shining through the tables on the Glassisimo stand were catching a lot of attention.
We also stopped by MOMA, where it was great to see the Well Proven Stools from the Transnatural Label collection. Add them to your wish list here.

Glass Blowing:

I personally got to try my hand at glass blowing in the world-renowned Moser glass factory. Sadly I don’t believe my work will be making it through the quality control stages!
Each of the moulds used within the glass blowing process were beautifully detailed.

PAD London:

Untitled design
PAD London put on the best of modern art and design this year with sleek lines as well as eclectic and vibrant styles. One of our personal favourites was Nilufar Gallery’s stand which merged historical references into their contemporary pieces.

eporta in the press:

There was a fantastic article about eporta in the November edition of Interior Design Today. You can also read about us here.

Finally, we were delighted to meet many of the students at KLC during our Industry Talks session. You can watch a short edit of one of our sessions here:

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