Make a statement with a bold side table! Click the links below to go directly to the products and begin curating your latest wish list.

side tables
Click on the links below to go directly to the products on eporta.

1. Lassen Side Table – Consisting of a lost wax cast base with a petrified wood top this side table combines nature with an industrial finish.

2. Rock Side Table – With its faceted edges, this solid block of Carrara marble expresses a raw, yet luxurious style.

3. Kiki Side Table – Designed as a play on the Parisian cabaret lifestyle the Kiki Side Table doesn’t just stop at the hoops, including frilled detailing to support the glass top.

4. Gem Table – Inspired by cut gemstones, this table also embraces the rough textured created by sand casting.

5. Stone Side Table – The minimal form of the Stone Side Table allows for the detailed cut out pattern to shine through.

6. Three Rocks Bronze Mirror Side Table – Using the lined structure to emphasise the facets on the Rocks Side Table results in a very art deco style.

7. Lazuli Side Table – The base of this side table is decorated with floral motifs as a modern take on the traditional Portuguese tiles.

8. Cube 6 – Following the brand’s research and referencing to 20th Century furniture in Shoreditch, the Cube 6 focuses on timeless geometry.

9. Mecca Side Table – Inspired by the architectural heritage and structure of mosques, the Mecca Side Table aims to liven up the home rituals of relaxing and entertaining.

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