Brass, aluminium, polished, brushed, power coated – the options are endless. Below is a small selection of the metal pendant lamps available on eporta. Click the links below to go directly to the products and begin curating your latest wish list.

metal pendants
Click on the links below to go directly to the products on eporta.

1. Carat – Consisting of 9 identical parts and 36 facets, the Carat aims to be as intricate as a cut gemstone.

2. Mascolino S Pendant Light – Designed to play between the light and shadows, the Mascolino S Pendant Light keeps the rest simple with its pure white finish.

3. Telal Minimalist Factory Pendant – As per the name, this industrial factory pendant is designed to work perfectly in a minimalist environment.

4. Luna Pendant Lamp – Delivered flat-packed, the Luna Pendant Lamp features a highly precise and easy to assemble interlocking system, removing the need for any other tools or fixings.

5. Versatil Suspension Lamp – Choose to hang them individually or as a collective, either way these extruded aluminium lamps will create a strong aesthetic.

6. Savannah Lamp – Minimal in design and finished in bronze, this pendant lamp is in keeping with the classic French country style.

7. Lustre Round Pendant – The finish of each of the pendants can be totally unique due to the blend of minerals and precious metals used in the glaze.

8. Poppy Pendant Light – Hang individually or create a blossom of poppy stems with this pendant light.

9. Cape Town Lamp – Available in brushed or dark grey metal these domed pendants work well in a modern or industrial style.

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