Thanks to some great feedback we have discovered that fun, small and a little bit quirky sofas are currently of interest. Below are a few we have on eporta. Click the links below to go directly to the products and, as always, if there is anything you would like to see do let us know.

Click on the links below to go directly to the products on eporta.

1. Gilston Sofa – Contemporary, yet classic, the Gilston adds a touch of understated class to an environment.

2. Tapisserie – With its hypnotically black shell, the Tapisserie is designed to question boundaries.

3. Hayworth Sofa – Inspired by the film noir era, the Hayworth Sofa is designed to be bold and imposing.

4. Ashbourne Sofa High Back – Combining Motagua and Mayula brocade fabrics the Ashbourne Sofa is a result of exceptional skills and traditional techniques.

5. Yes, No, Maybe So Conversation Sofa – Taking aesthetics from the Art Deco movement, this sofa is designed to challenge the conversation between the parties involved.

6. Western 2 Seat Sofa – Rescuing the cowboy hat from the saddle rack is the inspiration behind the Western Sofa.

7. Wingback Sofa – Mixing iconic 17th Century designs with a few sleek 21st Century features results in this bold Wingback Sofa.

8. Liberty Sofa High Back – Liberty merges vintage styles of the 1930s with a modern touch to end the feeling of enclosed spaces.

9. Peg Sofa – With its rounded and soft profile, the Peg Sofa is brings through contemporary style in an inviting way.

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