As a follow on to our Wonders With Wood edit, here are some of the exciting pendant lamps available on eporta, all of which do something a little different with the popular natural material.

Click the links below to go directly to the products on eporta.

1. 8 Cells Wooden Lampshade – Inspired by natural geometry, the airplane plywood discs slot together to create further patterns and forms.

2. Skipper Pendant Walnut – Designed to play with the light and shadows when turned on, or simply expose the flexibilty of wood when turned off.

3. Koura Pendant – Natural – The pendant is inspired by curled up fresh water shrimps, Koura in Maori, as well as the nets used to catch them.

4. Blub 2 – Handcrafted from oak, Blub 2 is one of a four part series of shades characterised by their playful aesthetics.

5. Tab Walnut – As the name may suggest, the clean tab design allows for the shade to be flat packed and easily assembled.

6. Cherry Pendant Lamp – Although seemingly simple, the Cherry Pendant Lamp contains magnets within the body, meaning that two or three can be clustered together.

7. Dipper Large Pendant – The layered design of the shade allows the light to be diffused sideways as well as acting as a down light.

8. Birch Ply Nautica – By exploring the characteristics of birch ply, the lamp is able to maximise the flexible properties to its advantage.

9. Zappy – Inspired by pine cones, the handmade Zappy is designed to filter the cold light through the the wood to create warmer and more sublime lighting.

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