For 2016 Pantone have announced a two-tone colour scheme for the PANTONE Colour of the Year. With their pastel tones, Pantone blends Rose Quartz and Serenity as a warm, yet calming shade to psychologically reflect on and be an antidote to modern day stresses. The shade also aims to emphasise gender equality by expressing colour as an emotion rather than as an association to gender.

Below we have a few of our favourite Rose Quartz and Serenity themed products. Hover over the images and click the links below to go directly to the products on eporta.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 17.29.31

Across from top left we have:

Eikon Shell Lamp  |  Muselet Apricot Bowl  |  Garabato Ceiling  |  Papillon Rip Set  |  Vilma Blanket  |  Weight Vase  | Sottoportico Rug  |  Hide & Seek Folding Screen  |  Fontana  |  Julius Chair  |  Warm Water Dragonfly Cushion  | Garabato Table Lamp  |  Twin Rectangular Dish  |  Solar  |  Muselet Cool Grey Bowl  |  Fractal Sideboard

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