This week we caught up with renowned design journalist and blogger Katie Treggiden. Katie travels to the world’s trade fairs, design events and graduate shows seeking out the best new design talent.

When she realised that there was no media outlet covering these inspiring new designers she launched Fiera Magazine; Fiera is fast becoming an inside secret for design professionals to stay in the know.

8th December 2015 marked the launch of Fiera Issue 03 – read down for our subscription offer! – and to celebrate this we asked Katie to create a mini brand edit of Fiera-eporta featured designers to keep your eyes on as well as give an overview of what’s ahead.


eporta brands: The Fiera Edit

We were proud Brand Partners of Fiera Issue 02 and continue to make sure we invite all the top new design talent who are ready to work with trade buyers to become Brand Members of eporta, allowing us to offer you the widest possible selection of suppliers to discover and work with. Here is Katie’s mini-edit of ‘one’s to watch’

  • Future Days make sculptural folded paper covers that enable you to turn anything into a vase. Even a plastic bottle can be covered by one of their origami-inspired creations to turn it into a contemporary receptacle. (Plus they fold flat and weigh virtually nothing, so make great presents for loved ones abroad)
  • Husband and wife team Thorody make modernist architecture-inspired fabric by the metre and fabric products like cushions, bags and curtains. Their style is characterised by the use of short, hand drawn lines, informed by their backgrounds as painters.
  • Happenstance Workshop is a designer/maker studio which uses modern and traditional techniques to turn good quality timber into products that allow for modification and expansion by the user.


Katie Treggiden Q&A

You follow the design scene closely, picking up on the best new talent. What tips would you give to an aspiring designer looking to get noticed in the market?

Authenticity is key. I am inspired by designers who really believe in what they are doing and are able to articulate that clearly. When something comes from a genuine passion, that shines out through everything the designer does. 

What do you look for in a designer?

I am looking for new talent and design that improves lives – in some way, large or small, from something simple like coat hangers that don’t get tangled up in each other, to something more profound like Bas Timmer’s Sheltersuit –  a coat that doubles as a sleeping bag for the homeless.

What events are you most excited for during 2016?

For Issue 04, we’re covering Maison & Objet in Paris, IMM Cologne, Milan Design Week and I’m hoping to go to DesignMarch in Iceland for the first time this year. 

Why do you believe tools, such as eporta, are helpful to designers?

It’s really hard to get started as a designer – anything that can connect you to an edited audience of genuine trade buyers has got to be a good thing. 

Issue 03 of Fiera is out now! Use offer code FIERA30 to get a subscription to Fiera Magazine for just £30.

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