For the third part in the Interior Insights series Susie Rumbold talks to us about the surprising side of interior design, the importance of a product’s backstory and why she threw away her entire catalogue library:


You mention the one of the joys of your job is learning about new products and inventions. What is the most exciting new product you’ve come across recently?

Currently my whole design team have a crush on the new Pop Light from The Urban Electric Company. It has an easily changeable face plate that lets it come in comes in dozens of gorgeous finishes.


What has been your biggest Interior Design challenge to date?

Restoring a listed Georgian mansion that had been bombed during the war and then haphazardly repaired. It took 5 years of painstaking work to complete, but the finished product was worth every drop of the blood sweat and tears we put in.


Each client and space is different, but is there a particular look your clients are asking for at the moment?

Mid century modern is still a huge influence, but we are seeing the colour palette shifting from the 50s and 60s into the 1970s with a plethora of luscious sludgy tones.


What is your top tip for space planning?

Top tip for space planning…………allow enough space. Don’t be tempted to skimp on entrance halls and circulation spaces within rooms. Your rooms will feel bigger if you do this and cluttered if you don’t.


Finally, you’ll be taking over from Dan Hopwood as President of the BIID in June 2016. What are you most looking forward to in this role?

The BIID is doing amazing work to champion the creativity, skill and professionalism of our interior designer members and I’m looking forward to shouting about this from the rooftops every chance I get.





Susie Rumbold is the award winning Interior Designer who holds currently holds several titles; Creative Director of Tessuto Interiors, CPD Director and President Elect of the BIID.

Tessuto Interiors are a BIID member practice who specialise in interior architecture and design. They work with clients globally on both residential and commercial interiors, covering everything from the plan to design to build.



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