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Mullan Lighting are our Supplier Of The Week, 7-13 March 2016, offering a wide range of designs to suit every project. The company started off life by reviving an old shoe factory in a small Irish village, and has since turned into a hugely popular lighting supplier, known for their friendly and knowledgeable team.
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Mullan Lighting started off life by reviving the old Border Brand Shoe Factory in the small village of Mullan in 2008. How has the area changed since?

In 2008 Mullan Lighting was established in the old shoe factory and it quickly brought life back not only to the factory building, but to the village in general, with some of the Mullan team moving into the newly restored houses. The village is now almost completely restored with over 80 people now living in it, with 15 of the Mullan team now living in the village.

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Workers in the old shoe factory in 1969 –


From vintage to timeless designs, where does the inspiration for these pieces come from?

As an Architect by trade, Design Director, Mike Treanor has a keen eye for beautiful design. Having expanded his horizons by traveling the globe for almost a year before finally establishing Mullan Lighting Design in 2008, Mike draws inspiration from many international styles. By way of his travels, he brings his many design influences to life in the form of beautifully hand crafted luminaires for the world to enjoy.


What do most people not know about Mullan Lighting?

We started off as a traditional Pub Lighting manufacture and veered off into creating large ornate Church chandeliers before maneuvering into the area where we are most at ease which is vintage and retro lighting.

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With global interior design and contract buyers, even the Royal Family as clients, have you seen a particular best selling style/product so far this year?

We have seen a huge comeback with brass rising significantly in popularity. Satin Brass is now one of our most popular colour finishes, which has seen the popularity of our Retro Revival collection soar. Our most popular collection is now the Cairo family of Pendants, Wall Lights, Chandeliers and Floor / Table Lamps.

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One of your specialist services is working directly with contract buyers and bespoking products for their needs. What must be considered when using lighting in a contract environment?

The material being used in the light and the height at which its hung has a dramatic impact depending on the lighting effect you are trying to achieve.  When using metal shades, lights tend to need to be hung higher if being used to provide general lighting. However if you are trying to provide more focused task lighting, such as over a dining table, it needs to be hung much lower to concentrate the light over that particular area.


Finally, why does design matter to you?

Monaghan in Ireland is a hub for cottage industry furniture makers, as a result design is in our blood. By nature our team are a curious bunch and love to experiment, therefore as they go about their daily lives outside of work they are naturally taking inspiration from the world around them. Being able to translate this curiosity into actual products allows them to express and enjoy their natural talent.




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