There is a fine line in interior design between luxury and exclusivity, two words sometimes synonymous with each other in terms of accessibility and affordability. Eporta breaks this by bringing online luxury brands and items to interior professionals, under one roof. A lot of items on the eporta site caught my eye and the three objets I have chosen here have one thing in common; they remind me of some of the “collectibles” seen at the stellar, cross-collecting Masterpiece London fair, at a more affordable price.




At first glance, the Wise Mirror EZE reminds me of an old age stone totemic tribal mask on a stand. It surprises when you realise it is actually a mirror in solid beech wood stained wedge. I find its proportions and refined elegance very pleasing. It serves not only as a practical mirror but also as an arresting piece of art.




Similarly the Cosmos vase is reminiscent of a yesteryear stone vase unearthed from the vestiges of a Mediterranean archaeological site, with provenance and great history. It is in fact handmade in terracotta and finished in a textured matte grey resembling stone. I particularly love its sensual shape and subtle, variegated pastel colours.


Edward Wormley Chair



This cane and timber Edward Wormley chair is an icon of 1950s and Modernist furniture. It has passed the test of time and its timeless attributes make it as popular and sought after as it was almost 70 years ago. Originally manufactured by Dunbar in rattan and walnut, this replica is equally pleasing to the eye for its striking shapes and mix of materials as well as for its comfort and sophistication. I particularly like the contrast of the cane and brass sabots with the dark timber.



About Fabrice Bana
Fabrice Bana is the founder and editor of the popular Design & Interiors blog, A-Gent of Style. A French national, Bana has lived and worked in London for the past 18 years as an Interior Designer. He regularly contributes to various design publications and has written for the FT House & Home on Art Deco, which is his specialist subject.


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