This year at the London Design Festival we were delighted to show so many buyers the wonderful suppliers we have available on eporta, both online and on our stands at 100% Design and the London Design Fair.

Click below to go directly to the products and order from these suppliers on eporta.


eporta stand at 100% Design, featuring; Massproductions, Duistt, Original BTC, Axel Veit, Hamilton Conte, 17 Patterns & Claire Gaudion


From left to right, top to bottom: 17 Patterns – Beyond Nebulous Blue & Green Cushion, Duistt – Julius Chair, Axel Veit – Marlon Coffee Table, Hamilton Conte – Saigon Screen, Claire Gaudion – Vermarette Bleu Rug, Massproductions – Icha Icha Bar Stool H750, Original BTC – Walter Table Size 2, Duistt – Julius Armchair, Duistt – Lune C Stool, Duistt – Square and Cross Lamps, Hamilton Conte – Penelope Bench, Hamilton Conte – Sultana Side Table, Hamilton Conte – Armedeo Floor Lamp



Our stand at the London Design Fair featured suppliers from around the world, including; Parla Design, John Hollington Design, Portego, Flock, Emodi, GANT Lights, Melina Xenaki, BySopro, Tanti Design, Waffle Design, GOTO, Alan Flannery, Whitebeam Studio, FunkyDoris, Charlotte Frances London, Moanne, Bay Gallery Home & Malgorzata Mozolewska

From left to right, top to bottom: Charlotte Frances London – Sydney Cushion, Parla Design – Petra Sofa, Parla Design – Goba Side Table, Portego – Sottoportico Rug, John Hollington Design – Pavilion Series Floor Lamp, Parla Design – Goba Armchair


From left to right, top to bottom: Flock – Flocktail in Northmore Minor, Flock – Flocktail in Northmore Major, Emodi – Maja Sideboard, GANT Lights – T2 Table Lamp, Melina Xenaki – Medium Vase, BySopro – Large Cubic 3, John Hollington Design – Pavilion Series Desk Lamp, Waffle Design – Handwoven Linen and Wool Rug, Malgorzata Mozolewska – Eye of the Light Table Lamp, Tanti Design – LE2 Bar Stool


From left to right, top to bottom: Alan Flannery – Prism Table, FunkyDoris – Alva Bowl Brass, Moanne – Martinique, Whitebeam Studio – Dusk to Dawn Tall Vase, Bay Gallery Home – Cedar Tile Inlaid Table, Portego – Oci Rug, Flock – Cracked Ice Minor Mustard Cushion, Flock – Cracked Ice Cushion, GOTO – Nest Chair

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