GOTO is our Supplier of the Week, 17 – 23 October.

The popularity of Portuguese brands is on the up, with these receiving a huge amount of interaction on eporta. One of the younger suppliers we work with is GOTO, who offer a refreshing take on design, with their pieces inspired by materials available to them.

We spoke with one half of the design duo, Nadia, to find out more.


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 17.58.43


What’s the story behind GOTO? 

GOTO started to be a hobby between a couple of friends, but we quickly realised that this project was more than a hobby. It became a passion.

The designer is António Tudella, he’s the creative brain behind each piece. I, Nádia, am in charge of the company’s marketing.

Antonio and Nadia on the Nest Chair at the London Design Fair


What makes your products special?

When we created GOTO we had one main goal: promote Portuguese materials. We have such a rich culture and we export so many prime materials that it only make sense to us to create quality products with materials at our reach and recognized abroad.

We wanted to break the cycle of mass production, cheap furniture and return to a time when people invested proudly on a good piece of furniture for life.

The Nest Chair highlights key Portuguese materials


Where do you take inspiration from?

Almost instinctively those same materials were also part of the creativity process. Each product tells a story and can be inspired by history, architecture or the culture of a particular Portuguese region.

For example, Santa Justa Clock is inspired by the Santa Justa elevator in Lisbon, well known between the tourists.

The Santa Justa Clock
The Santa Justa elevator in Lisbon


Bordallo Sideboard was inspired by Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro, a famous faience artist.

The Bordallo Sideboard

GOTO articles are inspired in tradition but with an edge of modern times and designed to create reactions from people in all parts of the Globe.


How would you define Portuguese Design?

Portuguese design is rising in all its different fields – graphic, ceramics and product design for example.

Each day we are seeing more solid brands with refined aesthetics. New but very strong brands as a result of a new generation of designers that are combining aesthetics and functionality, using traditional methods, technology and simplicity.

It’s surprisingly good to see day by day the space that Portuguese brands are gaining in fairs and trade shows in countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Italy, that are often very traditional in furniture design. There seems to be a bit of movement!


How are your products made?

Our products are made in a factory in Leiria – centre of Portugal. Our products are made to order, and are nearly 100% hand crafted.


What’s next on the horizon for GOTO? 

In the near future, we want to work more with the professional sector – interior designers and architects – and expand the word GOTO worldwide. In 2017 GOTO’s portfolio will also see a change with more products to come and new versions of articles that already exist.


 Finally, what object have you recently taken inspiration from? 

One of the latest articles produced was Minho Chest of Drawers. This piece was inspired by “the traditional Granaries (Espigueiros) from the northern region of Minho.”

This article became one of the most recognized, mainly because of contrast between bronze and two tonalities and shades of black: smooth shiny black in all structure and the rough and dull black from the scale of slate (front).

The Minho Chest of Drawers has a distinctive black slate front
The traditional Granaries (Espiguerios) in the Minho region inspired the Minho Chest of Drawers

To open a trade account with GOTO and start ordering from them directly, click through to their catalogue below, and then ‘request a connection’:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 17.58.43



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