Emodi is our Supplier of the Week, 31 October – 6 November

Originally from Lithuania and now based in London, Emodi is a brand that takes their passion for nature and translates it into new projects, with sustainability front of mind. Their latest range of furniture, for example, is created from reused pallets, but not in the way you would imagine. The unique colour-way definitely stole visitor’s attention when we used their new sideboard on our stand at the London Design Fair last month.

We spoke with their co founder and designer, Egle, to discover more.


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 17.58.43


Why did you decide to set up Emodi?

Emodi was born from my passions for art and interiors and a big wish to have my own business. With the support and enthusiasm of my husband Ignas, together we create unique furniture and decorative homeware. I do the designs and Ignas, as an amazing woodworker, makes all of the products from wood.

Egle and Ignas are the duo behind Emodi


What is special about your designs?

We are passionate about nature. We grew up in a small city in Lithuania and the wood is so close to our hearts. It is such a beautiful material to work with. Sadly, there is so much wood that goes to waste.

Our latest collection is handmade completely from reclaimed wood. It is designed to show off the natural beauty of the wood so every item is unique and made with pride and passion. No two furniture pieces are the same!

The Mandi Media Unit from Emodi is made from recycled pallets

As for our cushion collection, as far back as I can remember, I always loved to draw. I have experimented with different mediums and techniques and I loved the endless possibilities of creating beautiful and unique patterns for fabric. I love the idea of bringing art into the interior, not only as a painting you could hang, but something more functional. For our latest cushion collection, all my drawings are printed on a natural fabric so you can’t find the same cushion design anywhere else.

Emodi Cushion 01 Geometric from the new collection


Where do you take inspiration from?

Nature is the biggest inspiration for me. When we find beautiful wood textures and colours, we don’t want to hide it under the paint, we want to show how beautiful it is!


Your latest range of furniture features reclaimed wood. Tell us more…

Our latest furniture collection is handmade from pallet wood. The idea behind it was to use reclaimed wood but not make it look like any other furniture from reclaimed wood. The designs are clean and minimal to highlight the natural beauty in the wood, but we aim for a style that will fit in alongside both contemporary and more traditional homes and give any space a natural sense of grace and sophistication.

The latest Emodi range is made from pallet wood
The Tori Records Cabinet is part of the new range using reclaimed pallets


How does sustainability influence your work?

We care about the world around us and want to ensure that we produce furniture that reflects this. It seems that in modern times we have become a throwaway culture; many people opting to buy low quality, mass produced items that can be discarded with ease. It is our goal to change this mindset. We create beautiful, high quality solid wood furniture that is designed to stay with you for a lifetime.


How are your products made?

With our designs there’s firstly a lot more work required to get the materials ready before you can even start making anything. There’s sourcing the wood itself, breaking down the pallets, removing any nails or screws and then we need to plane and sand it all. After this, the freshly prepared wood will be left to dry and rest for being used to craft furniture.

Removing the boards and nails from the pallets so they can be transformed into beautiful furniture

Once the wood is ready to use we will look at the variety of wood pieces and decide which ones will fit the best with each other. After doing this Ignas will then cut all the wood into pieces (approx. 200 pieces!) and place them into a chevron pattern. It takes time and a lot of patience to complete one cabinet.

Ignas cuts and arranges each piece by hand



What have you recently taken inspiration from? 

As much as I love to draw, I love dogs! And I am a little bit obsessed with French bulldogs. So, no surprise, my own Frenchie was an inspiration for my latest cushion designs.

The latest cushion collection is inspired by Egle’s love for French bulldogs
French Bulldog Blue and French Bulldog Pink


To open a trade account with Emodi and start ordering from them directly, click through to their catalogue below, and then ‘request a connection’:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 17.58.43

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