Shufflebotham is our Supplier of the Week, 14- 20 November.

Following years of architectural work, Jon turned his skill set from the external structure to the interior with statement wallpapers, all featuring a geometric, architectural theme. At Shufflebotham sustainability is a key influencing factor, and they have just recently been featured in our pop up showroom at CP Hart Waterloo as part of “One’s to Watch” selection.

We spoke with the founder, Jon, to find out more.


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 17.58.43


How did Shufflebotham start?

I started Shufflebotham in 2015 after spending 20 years in the design industry, I felt it was high time I made my own mark!

The name Shufflebotham is my girlfriend’s surname and it’s an old Anglo Saxon surname that originates from the North. As all of our products are designed & made in the UK I felt the name fitted our ethos.

Jon Thomas, Shufflebotham founder


What is special about your designs?

Most of my latest designs have an architectural or 3-dimensional aspect to them. I am fascinated by lines, geometrical structures & texture. When I create, my work usually focuses on one of these aspects, or all of them.

The designs are inspired by geometric and architectural forms


How do you ensure sustainability and local production in your manufacture?

All our wallpaper is printed in the UK, we use a mix of vinyl for our bespoke jobs and FSC mixed papers for 10m pour-on-the-roll designs. We only use British suppliers for our inks & materials.

The popular Geo Grain wallpaper, printed in the UK, stood alongside this Bert Frank lamp at our pop up exhibition with CP Hart


Why wallpaper? 

I started designing wallpaper as it seemed the most logical progression for my skill set. I have lots of print and graphic experience and, although I had zero wallpaper experience, and the learning curve was high, I managed to make it work. Working on large scale 3m high murals is a challenge and the work takes months but I enjoy the challenge!

Shufflebotham offers a wall panelled look in an easy and affordable manner with their Benjamin XL Panelling



What’s next on the horizon for Shufflebotham?

We recently exhibited at the London Design Fair in September 2016, an excellent event. Here we used our new ‘graffiti‘ 3m murals on one of the walls and our very popular ‘Geo grain‘ wallpaper on the other. I have several new geometrical mural designs that I will be launching.

We also showcased our new acrylic pendant lights, which will be available for purchase soon. I am developing a new range of colourful lighting sculptures that focus on repeating lines & utilize the latest LED technology. These will be launched next year.

The new colour way, Patina Graffiti Yellow wallpaper was on show at the London Design Fair, alongside the popular Geo Grain and prototypes of the soon-to-be-released pendant lighting


What have you recently taken inspiration from? 

Colour! I find it easier designing in black and white with muted pallets & find using colour difficult so I have set myself the challenge of using more colour in 2017!

Patina XL Mural introduces colour with its Blue/Grey version


To open a trade account with Shufflebotham and start ordering from them directly, click through to their catalogue below, and then ‘request a connection’:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 17.58.43

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