Case Furniture is our Supplier of the Week; 28 November – 4 December.

Case have been working with award-winning and world-renowned designers since 2006 to bring exceptional contemporary furniture design to the market at an affordable price. From a smaller residential order, through to large retail or commercial order, Case have the experience and manufacturing in place to satisfy both markets.

We spoke to the team to find out more.


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 17.58.43


What’s the story behind Case?

The British furniture company Case promotes a core value of modernism in its belief that the best design should be accessible to the mass market. Case combines quality, tradition and cutting-edge technologies to make the works of designers like Matthew Hilton, Marina Bautier, Nazanin Kamali and Samuel Wilkinson available at accessible prices.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional contemporary furniture design at good value.

Case work with renowned designers such as Matthew Hilton. Shown above is the Cross Extending Table and Profile Chairs


How are your products made?

All of our products are designed and developed with every detail as important as the next. Our emphasis on quality is reflected by the incredible factories that we work with worldwide. We produce the majority of our timber products in Lithuania and Latvia with other specialist manufacturing in Italy – upholstery, China – outdoor and Thailand – advanced technologies including 3d veneer.

With an exemplary attention to detail, the highest standards and never compromising on quality, Case use the foremost manufacturing techniques to deliver innovation, efficiency and affordability to a discerning audience.

Experienced in delivering large-volume batch production, ideal for the larger retailer, Case have developed an extended network of trading partners that are able to manufacture and distribute on a global scale.

We carefully select our manufacturing partners and utilise the particular strengths they possess to the full.

Case use the strengths of different countries in their manufacture


How does sustainability feature in your designs?

Case’s key sustainability goal is to make products that have longevity both in terms of quality of design and constructional durability. Case believes that to have a product in daily use for 50yrs that can be passed down to another generation is a justifiable use of material. Another measure is to use sustainable timber from well managed sources and reduce waste where possible.

Sustainable timbers are used, such as in the Valentine Bed, Valentine Chest of Drawers & Valentine Bedside Table


Where have your designs been used recently? 

Harvey Nichols:

Lap Shelving was used in the Harvey Nichols store

Orgaz Restaurant in Madrid:

Matthew Hilton’s Profile Chair seats diners at this restaurant in Madrid

Restaurante Canadio, Santander, Spain:

The Oki-Nami Stools line the bar here in Spain


How do you select the designers you work with?

It varies. Sometimes we are approached with new and exciting products and ideas. Other times, we recognise qualities in designers that reflect ours and that is often the best start.

We always have our eye on new designers.

The designers Case currently works with


From Robin Day’s 675 Chair to Shin Azumi’s Particle Shelving – How do you define “good design”? 

Timeless and style and function


Robin Day’s 675 Chair, originally created in 1952

Shin Azumi’s Particle Shelving is a functional piece, designed to adjust to fit all spaces


What’s next from Case Furniture ? 

We have exciting collaborations with some new designer relationships and advanced manufacturing. We are working on a range of home accessories incl. Rugs, Boxes, Mirrors etc. This will be launched at ICFF in NYC in May.

The Rugs, designed by Eleanor Pritchard, will be pre-launched at Heals in February.

To open a trade account with Case Furniture and start ordering from them directly, click through to their catalogue below, and then ‘request a connection’:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 17.58.43

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