Santa & Cole is our Supplier of the Week; 2 – 8 January.



Understated lighting and furniture from Barcelona

With roots in Barcelona, Santa & Cole is an international lighting and furniture brand which was founded in 1985 by Nina Masó, Gabriel Ordeig and Javier Nieto. Working with over 80 Spanish and international names they offer an impressive catalogue, featuring the likes of Arne Jacobsen, Ilmari Tapiovaara, Miguel Mila, Antoni Arola and Antoni de Moragas, amongst others. Each piece is manufactured by a network of small industrial artisans throughout Barcelona.

AJ Royal Floor Lamps by Arne Jacobsen
Sin L Table Lamp by Antoni Arola

History with a contemporary twist

As well as working with contemporary designers, one of Santa & Cole’s specialisms is bringing historical designs back to the market. An example of this is the Babel lamp that was reissued late-2016 following its original design by Àngel Jové in 1971.

Babel Table Lamp

Barcelona architects in the early 70s were sowing the seeds for what would become the multi-coloured explosion of modern night time bars by the 80s. Jové used Alabaster to create this lamp, controversial at the time and seen as a distasteful material due to its association with kitsch tourist souvenirs. However, the success of this lamp soon created a great aesthetic impression and showed the possibilities of the material.

Babel Table Lamp

An additional re-issued piece is the Vaghe Stelle light by Antoni de Moragas y Spà, a leading figure in Spanish architecture. This chandelier was originally commissioned especially for an old textile warehouse that was being converted into the restaurant, Brasserie FLO.

Vaghe Stelle Chandelier

From residential properties to large-scale installations

Santa & Cole’s products can be seen across Spain, throughout Europe and in the United States through a variety of projects which encompass residential interiors, hotels and restaurants as well as urban planning projects. Here are a few key examples:

Margot House; Barcelona, Spain.

This boutique 9-room hotel is a tranquil retreat in the heart of Paseo de Gracia, designed be Vanskap Studio, inviting guests to come and feel at home. Photography by Carme Masia. 

Cirio Simple Pendant Lamp
M64 Pendant Lamp
Moragas Table Lamp

Sainte Cécile Convent; Grenoble, France.

Publishing house Glénat moved its main offices to this convent, which was built in 1624. The Nimba hanging lamp was selected for the interior, which shines light on the centre of nowhere and at the same time radiates light in all directions. Photography by Bernard Ciancia. 

Nimba 180 Golden Pendant Lamp
Nimba 180 Golden Pendant Lamp

The Corner; Barcelona, Spain.

The mythical GT4, designed by Gabriel Ordeig in 1983, was selected for this bar for its warm light, which brings serenity and intimacy to a project with predominantly cold materials such as granite and cement, emphasising the trending basis of ´less is more´. Photography by Nina Cortadellas. 

The Corner_Nini_Cortadellas_GT4_06.jpg
GT4 Pendant Lamp

To open a trade account with Santa & Cole and start ordering from them directly, click through to their catalogue below, and then ‘request a connection’:


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