Larforma are a Portuguese design brand who specialise in upholstery. They work with local artisans and craftsmen to create their classic and contemporary designs which have been used in boutique palace hotels through to luxury residencies.

We speak to Design Manager, Pedro Ferreira to find out more.



What is the story behind Larforma? 

We aim to create an enduring vision which values craftsmanship and innovation just as much a luxury. We created a company that has the ability to work with designs in a classic or contemporary style or simply by request. This enables us to create a closer and stronger relationship with clients, ensuring that the client has the exact product for their project.


How are your products made?

With patience, precision and perfection.
We’ll source the best woods, colours and master the techniques needed to make the perfect piece.


What is your most popular product? 

Our most loved pieces are the armchairs, like the Obama, Walter and Solar.

It’s not the main piece of a living room, but it can steal the attention of it. It truly can become a collector’s item like vinyl records or a watch.

Obama Armchair
Walter Armchair
Solar Armchair


What’s special about Portuguese Design?

Honestly, we don’t believe in that. People are special and there are wonderful designs everywhere. It’s such depend’s on the market you love to work, know your strengths, weaknesses..know everything.


What project have your designs been used in recently?

Here we have Tommy’s Armchair for the Montebelo Vista Alegre Hotel with Christian Lacroix Collection:

Montebelo Vista Alegre Hotel
The Tommy Armchair is upholstered here in a warm terracotta.
Tommy Armchair in cream.

Another recent project is Obama’s Armchair at the Hotel Royal-Evian Resort at the Lake Geneva along with the Little Armchair:

The Obama Armchair is upholstered in a deep and luxurious blue.
The Little Armchair is featured in a calm blue-grey.

At the moment we are developing an exclusive collection for a small luxury hotel in Lisbon, it’s an 18th century Palace, which it’s going to open in the next months.

But, recently one that truly touched me happened in Tewkesbury Park Hotel, where our Alva Sofa was chosen to be part of a wedding. It’s not everyday our design are used for something that special and unique.

The Alva Sofa features a soft blue velvet upholstery with gold buttoning to complement the rest of the interior


What’s next for Larforma?

Well, this year we’re going to launch new pieces, armchairs and sofas.
We will continue to work tighter with our clients on their project demands and try to mark our presence at trade shows in the UK and France.
Stay tuned.


To open a trade account with Larforma and start ordering from them directly, click through to their catalogue below, and then ‘request a connection’:



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