FRAUMAIER work from a 500 year old house in South Germany from where they design colourful and light hearted lamps and shades for client’s homes through to restaurants and bars.

We spoke with owner, Felix, to find out more.




What’s the story behind FRAUMAIER?

The label for contemporary lighting design was founded in 2004 under the direction of myself, Felix Severin Mack, and namesake and lady dog FRAUMAIER.

Felix and frauMaier

Within only a few years we had put a colourful mark on the design market – the sought-after designs renowned for clear lines are now available in leading design shops worldwide.

The SlimSophie Floor Lamp comes in multiple colours

Our headquarters are in a 500 years old house in Esslingen, South-Germany, from where the luminaries start their journey to countries all over the world.

The frauMaier Shape lamp takes on frauMaier’s silhouette


How and where are your products made?

We are producing 100% in Europe, mainly Germany but also Portugal, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic.

FRAUMAIER works like a publishing house: we design and engineer and then the single parts are made by outsourced suppliers. The lamps are then assembled in Germany.

Their products, such as the Annie Floor Lamp are all made in Europe


What is your most popular product?
I don´t want to forestall people’s preferences, instead I´d like to talk about our latest product range: the Pascha series. When I started to design this series, I wasn´t aware of the history of filament covered lampshades. I of course knew about the filament ribbons with which many floorlamp shades had been decorated but my actual kick-off was a tassel I had seen on a fair stand. I wanted to work with this company producing trimmings and tassels – all hand made in Germany – so I adapted the production and we started to produce these pendant lamps with their mellow and rich attitude.

The Pascha Suspended Lamp comes in 7 colours

The product was very quickly adopted by architects for bars, restaurants and hotels so we extended the range to pendants – one of them a chandelier with 12 pendants
and one, BigPascha – a huge bowl all covered in filament, recently used at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris. We´re currently working on a multicoloured floor lamp all covered in filament, coming up soon!

The BigPascha pendant


Where else have your designs been used recently?

Our pendant lamp Cluster has been used at the Sainsbury´s office building in the meeting rooms.

Cluster in white at the Sainsbury’s office

FatSophie has been used in the new building by Snohetta: the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture.

The large FatSophie floor lamps will be used in the Saudi Arabian centre, due for completion Spring 2017

The single Paschas have been used in the Hotel Le Simon, Fort de France, Martinique.

The single Pascha pendants add muted colours to the bar


To open a trade account with FRAUMAIER and start ordering from them directly, click through to their catalogue below, and then ‘request a connection’:



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