This week’s spotlight is on Missana who we met at the Salone in Milan two years ago.  Based in Spain – their products are designed by a wide range of makers. We spoke to Cuatro Cuatros, one of their most popular designers who showed us a number of projects where their products have recently been used. The pictures are striking so we thought we’d share…

Cristina and Adrian of Cuatro Cuatros


Where have your products been used recently?

One of Missana’s latest project inclusions is Bala Baya Restaurant in London.

Missana’s Trampolin Chair, designed by Cuatro Cuatros, fills the restaurant. Photography by Jean Cazals.

Designed by Afroditi Krassa, Bala Baya is a restaurant inspired by Tel Aviv. Made up of different spaces, such as a pitta kiosk, bakery, restaurant and cocktail bar, the designers have created a really vibrant setting!

The Trampolin Bar Stool lines the bar at Bala Baya. Photography by Jean Cazals.

Throughout the space you can find the Trampolin Bar Stools and Chairs, designed for Missana by design duo Cuatro Cuatros.

The stackable Trampolin Chair and Bar Stool are able to be customised in different leg finishes and fabrics to suit your colour scheme, as with any Missana product.

Another place that our products have recently been included in is the Canyon Reserve Starbucks in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Ara Chair, designed by Perez Ochando, is featured in green, black and brass in the Starbucks, Istanbul.

Finally, Masquespacio studio used our Oslo Chair, designed by Pepe Albargues at the Vino Veritas ecological restaurant in Oslo, Norway.

The Oslo Chair features throughout the restaurant in a natural emerald green.



How do you find and select the designers you work with to create the collection?

A large part of what we do is discovering new designers to collaborate – it helps us keep the “fresh” feel within the range. For every designer we consider, we will meticulously study their background, their portfolio and really what makes them special.  Once they’re approved we’ll then give them a specific scope for a piece we’ve been thinking about designing, so the initial  concept is really a collaboration between us.

Sometimes designers will also approach us with a piece they’ve already designed and we’ll incorporate that as part of our portfolio. This is very rare though, and it’s only when we see something where we think ‘this should be a Missana product’ that we do this!



And how did Missana start out? 

For the last 20 years we’ve worked from our atelier in Alberic, Valencia, Spain: upholstering handmade furniture. At first it was mainly for Spanish and French retailers but now most of our clients are international.

We’ve always been an upholsterer, but in 2012 we decided to shift our focus from being classic, timeless furniture to pieces with a more contemporary feel.  We still hand-make all our pieces which is time-consuming but maintains the high quality of products.



Tell us more! How are your items hand-made?

All our products are made by hand following ancient upholstery techniques. We don’t involve industrial machinery in the desire to create unique pieces with high end finishings and an extreme care for detail.


Our founder, Pepe Albargues takes a great passion in our manufacturing and is the soul of our atelier alongside a great team of craftsmen and women, based in Alberic, in the Valencia region of Spain. The team then each specialise in different parts of the process.

Founder, Pepe Albargues.



How often do you create new pieces? 

We actually create a new piece a month to keep the catalogue fresh. This month, it’s Cotton by Eli Gutierrez.  This cosy armchair has rounded cushions and benefits from the added comfort of a contemporary take on a traditional wingback.

Cotton Armchair by Eli Gutierrez.

January’s launch was Alce, a collection comprising a Sofa and Armchair, designed by Australian Chris Hart. The Alce collection is clearly defined by its simple lines and lack of “fuss”, making it and extremely diverse range.

The Alce Sofa and Armchair were designed for Missana by Chris Hardy.

Prior to Alce, Half was launched, designed for Missana by Cuatro Cuatros. This chair is inspired by Japanese aesthetics and the Gestalt psychology, in which the sum of all elements add up to a whole – as can be seen in the seat and leg design.

Half by Cuatro Cuatros.

Finally The Block Collection was designed by MUT design, a collection of two and three seater sofas, as well as an armchair. This is a bold, yet welcoming, design due to its symmetry.

The Block Armchair and Sofa by MUT Design

To open a trade account with Missana and start ordering from them directly, view their catalogue and ‘request a connection’:



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