We recently joined forces with eporta brands Benchmark and Solomon&Wu to deliver a full day CPD at Benchmark‘s workshop in the tranquil English countryside.


Benchmark‘s co-founder Sean Sutcliffe started the day with an interactive talk on how wood is coloured, followed by Solomon&Wu‘s founder, Jake, wowing the audience with a demonstration of how their Elenite panels are formed.  Here are some of the highlights:

Benchmark‘s MD, Sean Sutcliffe, talked us through different ways to change the colour of wood while maintaining its natural state.  Methods such as using oils and stains were shown as well as more traditional techniques such as bleaching, fuming and ebonising.
Solomon&Wu‘s founder, Jake, gave insights and behind the scenes footage of how they developed their luxury surfaces, and how they have been used in interior design and an exciting new furniture range.
A tiny selection of the lightweight surfaces on offer from Solomon&Wu which can be used from everything from retail surfaces to bathroom panels.
Our Head of Marketing, Bea Addis, ran through eporta’s popular sourcing CPD which covers all aspects of the role, from accessing the best designs to responsibilities, pricing and supplier management.

After a rather yummy lunch, the day finished with a tour of Benchmark‘s workshop, where the Interior Designer’s were able to see the processes involved in furniture making and specialist joinery from tree to finished piece.

As well as their own product range, Benchmark work on a huge number of commissions from individual pieces to full set building.
Each section of the workshop runs batch manufacturing for specific parts. Here chair legs are being made with accurate jigs to ensure consistent production.
Here on the CNC machine they are producing Zaha Hadid’s Radical Wooden Vases that formed part of The Wish List.

To get your trade pricing and start ordering, Connect with Benchmark and Solomon&Wu on eporta.com


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