We recently hosted our first Supplier Breakfast in one of the Breather x Deadgood penthouses and it was fantastic to see so many of our supplier community there (as well as get some rather nice views over London!).


We covered everything  from community insights to how we’re able to help you make business more efficient, as well as some exciting upcoming opportunities. All over yummy breakfast snacks from MOMA and Workshop Coffee!


One of the most popular aspects of the morning was how to maximise your catalogue and brand on eporta. Alongside the platform changes we are making to offer you more, there are some quick wins you can take immediate action on, these are:

  • Ensure your latest imagery is uploaded to each product, including contextualised images.
  • Upload your newest products to make sure your catalogue is always up to date and get the most out of additional marketing.
  • Check your response times; we see a clear correlation between the most responsive suppliers and brand success.
  • Review your trade discount structure; and as always, if you’re unsure we’re happy to give advice.

As well as these quick wins, there are also some great opportunities coming up that you can get involved in:

  • We’ve also recently expanded our Industry Insight CPD events series. To find out more about getting involved, send your upcoming events schedule through to Nicola.


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