We work with over 6,000 trade buyers who use our site to gain access to more than 1,000 suppliers worldwide. As a result, we get a unique view of what’s going on in the world of interior design in regards to search data and buying trends – information we thought we’d share!

Working for the second time alongside WGSN, global leaders in trend foresight, we’ve analysed reports from all the major trade shows globally, and combined it with our search and buying data to offer key insights into the major trend stories of 2017/18.

We’re well aware that our community of buyers are more likely to set trends than follow them, so we’ve designed this report to focus more on giving some context as to why certain styles, materials and colours are popular.

You can download the full report here. But if you want a sneak peak of some of the key stories, read on!


  1. Tchau Portugal. Hej Denmark!

Last year, Portugal was the country where our most popular products came from. But in 2017, the Danes have pipped them to the post – not surprising when you consider the fact that the Scandi design trend is still incredibly popular, and the hygge lifestyle has been a hot topic since last year.

Beetle Dining Chair, Gubi
Sammen Chair, Republic of Fritz Hansen

This influence can be seen in the wood choices we’re seeing on the site. Lighter woods – blonde, sandblasted and whitewashed – are still being paired with white products to create the clean, pure Scandinavian aesthetic.

Tailor 3 Seater Sofa, Menu
Søborg Chair, Fredericia
  1. It’s all change in the world of colour

First up, bolder colours are switching roles with pastels. Instead of just seeing bright colours adding personality in the form of accessories, they’re being used for walls, furniture and even countertops to create vibrant interiors. We’re moving from the odd accent piece to the creation of accent surfaces.

English Rose Wallpaper, Feathr

Yellow is now the fastest growing colour on eporta, with twice as many searches in the last 3 months as in the whole of last year! We’re seeing a spike in the softer and more muted versions, as opposed to last year’s deeper golden ochre.

Fjord Quilt Armchair, Moroso

And green has overtaken blue to become the most searched for colour on our site (after all the neutrals, of course). When it comes to shades, everyone is after the darker, richer tones that are inspired by nature. Which brings us neatly to our next point…

Century Two Seater Sofa, Calvers + Suvdal
  1. Nature plays a massive role in this year’s trends

The natural world has been a massive influence on a lot of styles over the last few years, and 2017 has proven to be no exception. Whether it’s the spherical shapes of mirrors or lighting that remind you of planets; deep blue velvets combined with sparkly embellishments that imitate the night sky or botanical prints and furniture – nature is everywhere.

Cosmos Pendant Light, Vibia

Not only that, but there has also been a move towards including plant life within interior spaces. Known for improving air pollution and helping muffle noises, a recent study by Cardiff university that suggests that having plants in an office improves productivity by 15%. So it’s no wonder that we’re seeing an increase for items that supports this – terrariums and green walls are on the rise.

X Pot, Edition Compagnie
  1. We’re seeing the return of all things glamorous

Not surprising when you consider that the search term “Art Deco” has been steadily increasing all year. We’re also seeing interest in the industrial diminishing – suggesting a move towards the more opulent styles of design.

Forget cool, silver tones. If it’s metal touches you’re after, it has to be the more retro, warm options. Gold has seen its search data double this year, while copper and brass are the two most searched for materials on our site.

Scoop Copper Low Chair, Tom Dixon

Velvet has had 70% more searches in the first few months of this 2017 than the entire of last year. Cushions, carpeting and furniture are getting the glam treatment, and we’re seeing velvet touches being added everywhere – even in workspaces.

Washed Denim Blue Copper Rug, Bazaar Velvet
  1. Offices are changing

Even though the eporta sourcing team has worked on more offices than ever before, our data shows that “office” as a search term has dipped significantly. What could be causing this anomaly?

As society spends more and more time online, there’s an increasing demand for the workplace to become more comfortable and homely. Instead of relying on the more traditional styles of desks and chairs, customers are expecting influences from domestic and social settings to be incorporated.

Scafell 3-Seat Sofa, Deadgood

Sofas and armchairs are now more commonplace, and more tactile and cosy materials (such as velvet) are being selected to create a more emotive décor. Even the colour palette is changing to include pastels – softer tones usually reserved for the residential space – for a more warm and welcoming experience.

Eikon Basic Mint, Schneid

For more detail and imagery, read the full trend report here.


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